Uchihashi, Hautzinger, Flatscher

The LIGHT PAINTING at the  6th v:nm festifal in Graz.:For the first time a digital painter was invited  to join the leading representatives of NEW MUSIC. At the renowned  festival Eva Flatscher collaborated with Franz Hautzinger, the cutting edge musican, and the Japanes avantgarde electronic guitarist Kazuhisa Uchihashi.
Frnaz Hautzinger commendes his work with Eva Flatscher: "I  am so fascinated by the work of Eva and it offers great many new possibilities of interacting.She as a painter think like a musician, and that is very rare." 

Kazuhisa Uchihashi , the guitarist from Osaka is one of the great-Improviser of the Japanese scene and became one of the world's most renowned players of the free improvised music. Uchihashi crossed border from jazz, rock to free improvisation.He played in bands like First Edition and Altered States and  Ground Zero.

Uchihashi Kazuhisa applaudes the musical sensitivity and the rich  LIGHT PAINTING performance by Eva Flatscher.

"We improvise in any case," said Franz Hauzinger. "It is a mixture of concrete and abstract elements , combined in surprising variations."

The premiere of this trio excited the audience at IEM / CUBE Graz.

Uchihashi, Hautzinger, Flatscher

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