Siemens Forum: Long Night of the Museums

The Long night of the museums has become a sensational success in Vienna. Close to a million people visit the extraordinary museum of one of the major European capitals. Eva Flatscher performed during that night at the Siemens Forum, the Event Center of the mulitnational company. Dany Scott took the stage to dance to the improvised music of David Boyd, Martin Moro and Wili Platzer.

The performance was so well received that it made it to the coverpage of the Kurier, a leading daily in Austria, becoming one of the seldom occasions where contemporary art is perceived as the news of the day.

Danny Scott

Guitar and ten other instruments:
Martin Moro

David Michael Boyd

Willi Platzer

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Siemens Forum Wien



Eva Flatscher: Artistic Career
2002 – 2011: Eva Flatscher makes Light Painting pub-
lic, Light Painting performances around West Europe and USA
at regional/international festivals, at theaters and conzert-houses
and at public places
1992 –2011: One woman shows, group exhibitions, perfor-
mance art and art activities at international festivals (Vienna, VIC,
Salzburg, Graz, Lower Austria, Carinthia, Tirol, Germany)
1987 – 2000: Group exhibitions and installations (Salzburg,
Vienna, Graz)
1997 – 2011: Permanent exhibition (Vienna)
1996 – 1999: Illustration (Magazines, Poster, CD Cover and
more) and stage art (Vienna, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Karin -
thia, Germany)
1992 – 2006: leading art seminars (Vienna, VIC, Lower
Austria, Upper Austria, Carinthia)
1987 – 1993: Studies in Austria (Salzburg, Vienna: gradua -
ted in 1993) and in USA (New York, NY)
1987 –1994: Studies in America (New York, Washington
D.C., Mexico)
Exhibitions & Performances by Eva Flatscher
2011: Light Painting performance no Light no Life with the
Covenant Ballet Theatre of Brooklyn and Alan Ferber, in NYC at
the University Settelement
Light Painting performance sinner & saints with Mavis
Pan in Red Bank
2010: Light Painting performance change with Andra
Klimt at Musik Universität, in Vienna
 Permanent solo show at Commerzbank AG in Vienna
2009: Light Painting performance light at home at WUK,
in Vienna  Light Painting performance lightstream at the Perfor-
ming Art Center, in NYC at IAM, with Jiova & the Kontraband
 Light Painting performance voices of Holocaust at UdK,
in Berlin
2008: Light Painting performance face2face at apc 08 in
Vienna, with Phillipp Riegler
2007: Light Painting performance at 6.v: nm festival in
Graz, with Franz Hauzinger and Kazuhisa Uchihashi at IEM Cube
 Exhibition: 3x12 at echoraum, in Vienna
 Light Painting performance with Franz Hautzinger at echo-
raum, in Vienna
 Light Painting performance grenzenlos.markaber1 with
»Klang Art« at »Viertelfestival NÖ« in Lower Austria
 Light Painting performance ohne Hut 3x17 in Wilhelms-
burg with Klaus Zalud, Franz Griesler und Roland Lensch in Lo-
wer Austria
 Light Painting performance grenzenlos.markaber2 with
»Klang Art« at »Viertelfestival NÖ« in Lower Austria
 Light Painting performance fRost with choir Chorus sine
nomine and music group Sarband at Odeon in Vienna, at Anton
Bruckner Haus in Linz, at Kulturhaus Ambach in Götzis
2006: Light Painting performance WATERJUMP at Studio
12 in Bratislava, Slovakia
 Light Painting performance with groovelab at »Beserl -
parkfestival« in Mank,in Lower Austria
 Light Painting performance WATERJUMP at BATL Fes-
tival in Upper Austria
 Light Painting in the concert: 10 Jahre Ohrwürmer with
Carola Caye, Martin Moro, David Boyd in Lower Austria
 Light Painting performance Wiener Küche with »tanz
theater homunculus« in Vienna
2005: Light Painting performance during the »long night
of the museums«
 Light Painting performance Klangbogen in Vienna du -

ring the »long night of the churches«
Light Painting performance Signal at Akademie Hof, in Vi -
 Light Painting performance Gratefulness in Vienna
 Light Painting performance with Eivind Aarset at Fest-
spielhaus St.Pölten
2004: Light Painting performance Three Channels in Fu -
schl, in Salzburg
 Light Painting performance with traditionally Jewish mu -
sic at the Vienna Jewish Museum at the »Wiener Festwochen«
2003: Light Painting action with the topic "Himmelschwer"
at Landesmuseum Joaneum in Graz;during that time Graz was
the European capital of the arts 2003
2002: Multimedia performance at Siemensforum Vienna du -
ring the »long night of the museums«
 Participation at the performance Feuer/Wasser/Erde/Luft
by Klaus Zalud at the festival of Lower Austria, »Viertel Festival«
in Lunz
2000/2001: Exhibition Vater des Lichts at the Vienna Je -
wish Museum a multimediale performance: drawings, music and
light installation, a permanent installation from 2000 till 2002
1998/06: Permanent installation at the company Report
Verlag, in Vienna
1997/98: Permanent installation at Burson Marsteller, in Vi -
1996: Exhibition Leute at the opening of Creditanstalt Wie -
den, in Vienna
 Participation at the performance Bilder einer Ausstellung
by the piano suite of M. P. Mussorgskij,at the music festival of
Bremen , in Germany and in Zwettl, in Austria
1995: Participation at the performance Bilder einer Ausstel -
lung by the piano suite of M. P. Mussorgskij, at Bramssaal Wiener
Musikvereins, in Vienna, in Horn, in Zwettl, in St. Johann / Tirol
and in Tulln One woman show Holz/Stahl/Papier at Rosa Luxem -
burg Bibliothek in Vienna
 One woman show Kein Dada Oder Die Sprache Der Bil -
der during the opening of Salzburger Festspielen at the Galerie
Shakespear, in Salzburg Mirabellplatz
 One woman show Bilder Einer Ausstellung by the piano
suite of M.P. Mussorgskij, at Künstleratelier in Vienna
 Participation at the performance for kids Bilder Einer Aus -
stellung von Marko Simsa by the piano suite of M. P. Mussorgskij,
1993: One woman show Viennese Perspectives at Vienna
International Center in WIEN
 One woman show Zeichnungen at Künstleratelier in Vienna
1992: One woman show New York, NY at Künstleratelier in
1990/91: Several group exhibitions
1989: Group exhibition Kunst von Frauen at the Austrian fes -
tival Steirischen Herbst
 Pieces out of this series had been published in KUNST
 Edition: Fröhliches Wohnzimmer
1987: Open Air Installation Die schöne Lau at the castle Fes -
tung Hohen Salzburg during the Salzburger Festspiele in partici -
pation with Ulli Bernhard
 Group exhibition Form-Gegenform auf der Festung Hohen
 Light Painting performance »lightstream« 2009 by Eva Flat-
scher in New York City



LIGHTPAINTING performance „signal“ by Eva Flatscher in Vienna
LIGHTPAINTING is an interaction of all artistic forms
where art functions as a language bridge.
Each art form has a unique voice which stimulates and even serves the others,
so that together the voices communicate an even more powerful message.
Tradition combines with innovation.
A graphic tablet serves as the canvas, a graphic stylus the brush.
The medium is light.
Visual art reaches a new frontier

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Van Gogh, enthusiastic

Stunning, surprising, cutting edge....the performance "NO LiGHT, NO LIFE" excited the audience at Speyer Hall, in New York City by presenting a unique combination of dance, music and painting. "Once you have seen a performance like this,  you realize how much more powerful artforms are when they join effort.", an overwhelmed spectator stated in the O&A that followed the performance.

Allison Jay.Baber gave an extraordinary performance, personifiying "CREATIVITY", that inspired Vincent Van Gogh - danced by Matthew Westerby. Late in his life Van Gogh became a painter, after having been a preacher  for some time. Van Gogh painted for no more than 10 years, and had an immense struggle accepting divinity in his art, he even denounced his belief in order to find the truth and purity in creation. In Marla Hirokawas interpretation Van Gogh lost his inner battle of selfdoubt and selfdestruction, but something eternal lived on for ever: Art and creativity, inspired by something much more important than Life, the divine light.

Light Artist Eva Flatscher received standing ovations for an immensly powerful, enlightened live painting performance. 

Producer Marla Hirokawa, composer Alan Ferber and Eva Flatscher (left to right)


Homunculus Theater

„Dance theater homunculus“ in Vienna...

The renowned Viennese Dance Company, under the guidance of Manfred Aichinger and Nikolaus Selimov produced the dance and lightpainting performance Wiener Küche, which took the audience in a labyrinth, on a mysterious trip through, simbolic for the overbureaucraticed European art scene, that installs boards and councils of experts, that do not know what and when.... . Like in Kafkas "The Castle" you always wonder, where the keys to those many doors are, until you find out: it will be an eternal riddle...

The disturbing piece earned smashing support from enthusiastic followers. 

Producer: Homunculus Theater


Uchihashi, Hautzinger, Flatscher

The LIGHT PAINTING at the  6th v:nm festifal in Graz.:For the first time a digital painter was invited  to join the leading representatives of NEW MUSIC. At the renowned  festival Eva Flatscher collaborated with Franz Hautzinger, the cutting edge musican, and the Japanes avantgarde electronic guitarist Kazuhisa Uchihashi.
Frnaz Hautzinger commendes his work with Eva Flatscher: "I  am so fascinated by the work of Eva and it offers great many new possibilities of interacting.She as a painter think like a musician, and that is very rare." 

Kazuhisa Uchihashi , the guitarist from Osaka is one of the great-Improviser of the Japanese scene and became one of the world's most renowned players of the free improvised music. Uchihashi crossed border from jazz, rock to free improvisation.He played in bands like First Edition and Altered States and  Ground Zero.

Uchihashi Kazuhisa applaudes the musical sensitivity and the rich  LIGHT PAINTING performance by Eva Flatscher.

"We improvise in any case," said Franz Hauzinger. "It is a mixture of concrete and abstract elements , combined in surprising variations."

The premiere of this trio excited the audience at IEM / CUBE Graz.

Uchihashi, Hautzinger, Flatscher


Paintings of an exhibition

Marco Simsa and his theater is dedicated to bringing classical music to children. "Paintings of an exhibition", the piece by M.P.Mussorgskij was an srage in Austria and Germany, even performed in the Musikverein, Vienna, the location of the world famous New years concert.

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Graz, the capital of Styria, home of former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, was the Europen cultural capital of 2003. Eva Flatscher took part in the project, which gave a boost to the whole area, bringing the love for the arts to an unprecedented level.

She "lightpainted" the facade of the Museum "Joanneum", by using classical theater equipment, projecting her avantgarde art on the face of the historic builing. Tradition and cutting edge art made a unique and challenging encounter.

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